Welcome to Sean Kane Technical Consulting, LLC, providing Macintosh, Windows and Linux technical consulting to the Central Florida community.

Sean Kane Technical Consulting has extensive experience with the Macintosh, Windows, Linux and Sun platforms. "Sean Kane Technical Consulting LLC". Experience is partially based on accomplishments at Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida, supporting the production of various animated films such as Lilo and Stitch and Brother Bear. During the tenure with this high-pressure movie studio every aspect of computer support was handled, from front-line support to hardware install/configurations to high-level systems administration and integration.

The Experience includes, but is not limited to:
Install/Configure/Maintain MacOS 7 - 10.4
Maintain Radmind distribution of OS X software
Setup and maintain OS X Xserve servers
Setup and maintain OS 9 AppleShareIP servers
Install/Configure/Maintain Windows 95 - XP
Integrating Macintosh into a UNIX environment
Integrating Windows into Macintosh environment
Integrating Windows into UNIX environment

Let Sean Kane Technical Consulting, LLC assist you with your small to medium sized business!

Qualified to work for you: Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC). This certification verifies a foundation in Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server core functionality and an ability to configure key services and perform basic troubleshooting of the essential Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server capabilities.

Sean Kane Technical Consulting, LLC, based in Orlando, FL, is a technical consulting company offering sales, service, solutions and support for the Central Florida area Macintosh and Windows user community.

Sean Kane Technical Consulting, LLC caters to small to medium sized businesses and emphasizes an open, honest, and personal relationships. SKTC believes that common courtesy, honesty, and integrity are what separate this company from the competition, and therefore will do whatever it takes to meet and exceed the customers' expectations.

Thank you for your interest.